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Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Each year, the Future Fabric Expo features 5,000 commercially available fabrics that are sustainable. There are so many options now that it’s mind-blowing. Fashion designers have figured out how to make fabrics out of everything from mushroom to orange peels or pineapple leafs.

There are just a handful of sustainable textiles to highlight. As you’ll see, these textiles reimagine wastes and create possibilities outside the fashion industry. They are also biodegradable and pinatex is one of them.

As a vegan-friendly alternative to leather, Pinatex uses pineapple leaves to create a durable and beautiful textile. It also provides another source of income for pineapple farmers because the leaves are traditionally discarded during the harvest process. Piñatex can be used for shoes, bags, car interiors and so much more.

With a speedy growth of concern and appreciation toward environmental and social impact of fashion industry reflected on fashion products options, there are more and more designers have turned themselves into sustainable and circular design thinking to create fashion products that are not only beautiful, unique but also meet the expectation of conscious consumers.

This has given the sustainable fashion a promising future and redefine the position of brands who willingly to take the challenge.

Circular Fashion

The initiative to make fashion circular embraces the ideas behind a circular economy, and it’s a movement quickly being embraced in the sustainable fashion world. This requires a big shift in how we produce products and manage wastes.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation bases this idea on three principles:

  1. Design out waste and pollution

  2. Keep products and materials in use

  3. Regenerate natural systems

So what does circular fashion look like? It begins with designs that can be broken down and reused. It minimizes wastes and energy consumption. It also challenges consumers to be more thoughtful about what they buy and how they part with a piece of clothing or accessory.  

The designed idea of Ananda Zurich is an illustration of this circular fashion idea by enabling the possibility to switch and change color of the bags without having change the whole bag, instead only small parts(flap, upper-part) needs to be replaced, it has given consumers much more options of colors and styles but also minimize their budget in purchasing different bags.

Here is how the idea looks like :


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